Harry & the Akwesasne People’s Fire

Trust Harry watches over the Akwesasne People's Fire. Photo: Sandra Cuffe

With his CBSA helmet and raingear, honorary firekeeper “Harry” watches over the Akwesasne People’s Fire on Kahwenoke (‘Cornwall Island’). The fire has been burning at the main crossroads since May 1, 2009 and now, nearly six months later, a building constructed by community members so that elders and others may stay warm over the winter is nearly complete.

The Canadian Border Services Agency (CBSA) building, abandoned since June 1st, looms in the background. CBSA abandoned the post within the Akwesasne Mohawk reserve when residents announced their rejection of the Canadian government’s plan to arm the CBSA agents on June 1st. Police shut down the international Seaway bridges and border crossing just minutes before midnight June 1st, as hundreds of Mohawk residents gathered to protest the imminent arming of CBSA agents within their territory.

The bridge and border crossing were re-opened in mid-July, when CBSA set up a makeshift post at the foot of the bridge over in the city of Cornwall, Ontario. After decades of racial profiling and harassment, Akwesasne residents have now been facing heavy fines and vehicle seizures by CBSA if after crossing into New York they do not immediately drive straight through the island and get in the often lengthy one lane line-up on the bridge to report to CBSA. Island residents are also obligated to wait in the line and go through Canadian customs even when only traveling from Kahwenoke into Cornwall for groceries, appointments, or to pick up their children from high school.

Some Akwesasne residents are avoiding Cornwall altogether. Some report to CBSA. Some do not. Many have faced stiff fines and vehicle seizures. Several Akwesasne residents have also been subject to harassment, arbitrary detentions, and criminal charges at the CBSA post in Cornwall.

Higher-ranking federal government officials have largely remained silent despite the ongoing conflict and human rights abuses, while CBSA negotiators walked out of the last [court-ordered!] meeting with Mohawk Council of Akwesasne representatives, alledging that they had not agreed to the presence of a MCA lawyer at the table. A meeting concerning ongoing harassment and vehicle seizures has been scheduled for December.

Meanwhile, community residents continue to prepare for winter and finish the new building, installing the insulation. Dinner is a community gathering almost every evening. And the Akwesasne People’s Fire still burns.

Harry watches it all in silence.

– Sandra Cuffe

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Protest goes indoors – Cornwall Standard-Freeholder

akwesasne building shelter to weather the elements: With winter on the way native elders still want to be able to gather

By Michael Peeling

Volunteers from Akwesasne put up a building to help the community get through the coming winter on Cornwall Island as they continue to protest the arming of border services officers.



CORNWALL — With winter on the way, the Akwesasne people are taking their stand against the Canada Border Services Agency indoors. But first they need a place to call their own.

About one month ago, volunteers from the Mohawk community began building what looks like a small house on Cornwall Island beside the Akwesasne Peoples’ Fire and meeting tent, which have been there nearly six months to facilitate an ongoing protest of the Canada Border Services Agency’s (CBSA) policy to arm border officers.

Community member and former Mohawk Council of Akwesasne (MCA) Chief Nona Benedict hopes the building will be ready to provide shelter and hold meetings by November.

“It’s going up because our elders can’t stay in the tent now. It’s getting too cold,” she said. “We can’t maintain our get-togethers all winter in a tent.”

On Monday three men were working on what looked like the finishing touches to the building’s exterior.

“It looks good, doesn’t it?” said one of the workers, then pointed to the Canada Customs and Immigration building abandoned under community protest on May 31, the eve of CBSA’s arming on Cornwall Island. “I think they go well together.”

All of the building materials have been bought by the community with no funding from the MCA, according to Benedict.

The money is being raised through community dinners, raffles and donations, while local tradespeople are donating their time to construct the building.

Benedict said local women are making sure the workers are well-fed. The community has had the idea in mind since May, when the protests began on the 110th anniversary of Jake Ice’s death. Ice was shot by the Dominion Police in 1899 during a show of civil disobedience over a federal government-run election in Akwesasne.

“We felt from day one this problem wasn’t going to get resolved quickly, so we wanted to be prepared for the winter,” Benedict said. “We’d like to see this over, but as we’ve been saying, we’re in it for the long haul.”

Although the building is meant to be temporary, the community could use it over over the long-term if necessary.

The building has heat and lights, but no indoor plumbing. There are portable toilets outside.

As for the possibility that the MCA could reopen the customs building next door with Mohawk Security officers and Akwesasne Mohawk police officers running it, Benedict says there are “some who kind of like” the idea, while others are against it.

MCA Grand Chief Mitchell and other Akwesasne leaders met with the Akwesasne police and Mohawk Security on Monday to get their input on the idea.

The grand chief said he is working under the assumption the CBSA won’t endorse whatever plan is put into action because the agency has suggested as much on several occasions.

“The CBSA may not support the plan, but we still have to worry about what comes across the border and the security of our people,” Mitchell said. “It would nice if they said, ‘We might not be there, but we’ll still help.’”

Mitchell said there has been concern expressed by MCA officials about drugs coming into the community, so there is consideration being given to beefing up enforcement for existing laws.

A Mohawk-run customs checkpoint would save Cornwall Island residents from waiting in long lines to report to the temporary customs plaza set up in Cornwall.

Many of the residents who haven’t checked in at customs after a U.S. visit have had their vehicles seized.

“Personally, I think that would be ideal, but I don’t think it’s going to fly,” Benedict said. “That won’t work unless the CBSA honours it.”

Benedict said she would rather deal with the customs lineups on the Seaway International Bridge than lose her rights as a citizen.

While Benedict acknowledged the meetings of Akwesasne leaders with different authorities to determine a plan to open customs on Cornwall Island, she said they don’t count for much if they don’t involve “decision makers.”

Mitchell said a recent meeting with the U.S. Department of Homeland Security (DHS) went well, but officials want more information about the checkpoint plan before agreeing to it.

There has been some communication with the CBSA, according to Mitchell, and a meeting could occur in the near future.

In the meantime, Mitchell has been talking to lawyers, the MCA Justice Department and Research Department, among others, before opening the checkpoint.


[Article originally published in the Cornwall Standard-Freeholder.]

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Iakohakowa: Ole Man Pete Never Quits Trying to Flood out Indigenous

Border, Seaway, St. Lawrence, gas pipeline & industrial pollution all run through Mohawk territory in Akwesasne. Photo: Sandra Cuffe

Border, Seaway, St. Lawrence, gas pipeline & industrial pollution run through Mohawk territory in Akwesasne. Photo: Sandra Cuffe


Ole Man Pete Never Quits Trying to Flood out Indigenous

by Iakohakowa

July 22, 2009

Ole Man Pete aka F. Pierre Gingras never seems to quit.  One of the head technical and economic engineers behind the James Bay Hydro Projects in northern Quebec, he figures he can always succeed in his insane schemes.  Pete worked at Hydro Quebec for 30 years to dam the rivers in Cree territory and build numerous hydro power stations.  He helped create a handful of Cree hydro sheiks while destroying the traditional Cree way of life.  Now a retired busy body, he wants to divert three more mighty northern rivers and send what he calls “surplus” water south to the U.S.  This would affect not only the people in Cree territory but also in Algonquin and Haudenosaunee territory.  Animals and plants in these territories would be endangered and could be exterminated. Ole Pete calculates there is enough “wasted” water flowing into James Bay that could be sold to over 150 million people.  If each household paid just $50/year, he and Quebec could make piles of $money$.

It’s an old plan from at least the 1930’s. It gets periodically revived by people like Tom Kierans and Louis Desmarais of GRANDCo.  This time around, the ole man Gingras is backed by the Montreal Economic Institute and the Desmarais family, some of Canada’s wealthiest billionaires.  These people have made their fortunes plundering Turtle Island and robbing us Indigenous.

Ole man Pete’s been at this latest mad plot since at least 2004 putting forth articles and studies on water diversion.  His team of engineering experts have been revising the Grand Canal scheme into what they say is a more economically viable and environmentally safe plan.  It’s now known as “L’Eau du Nord” or “Northern Waters”.

His main concern is that the U.S. will come and take the water, by force if necessary, when they get desperate enough.  He refers to the old mass murderer, Henry Kissinger himself when he says wars are already being fought over water. Court battles are already being waged in the US as the drought widens.    What Pete really wants is to make more money any way he can.

Huge swaths of farmland in the U.S. are now experiencing widening drought conditions.  California declared a state of emergency this year with drought there into its fourth year.  Farmers have been forced to stop cultivation after being denied up to half their annual water allowance.  Southern California has always been dry but people like the warm climate.  Farming, there has been accomplished with irrigation for over a century.  Fruit like peaches and apricots and vegetables like squash and broccoli are exported all over North America.  You may be eating some of them.

The drought conditions exist all across the south – Arizona, Nevada, New Mexico, Texas and even Florida.  The agricultural area in central Mexico is also experiencing drought.  The prairie provinces of Saskatchewan and Alberta are very dry this year, affecting grain crops like wheat and oats and hay for livestock feed.  It looks like it’s getting worse.

With people flocking to the pleasant warm dry climate, many southern US cities are also demanding more water.    For people in the Great Lakes area, this is hard to imagine.  The Great Lakes is the largest surface freshwater in the world.

In April, 2008 ole man Pete sent a letter to the Internationl Joint Commission IJC promoting the big water diversion scheme.  Set up in 1909, the IJC handles water issues between the US and Canada.

Pete sent the English version of his letter to IJC headquarters Frank Bevacqua in Washington, DC and the French version to the Commission Mixte Internationale, Gregg McGillis in Ottawa.  He attaches a document called “L’Eau du Nord Project Synopsis” which summarizes his privately financed conceptual study.

Bilingual readers may notice there is a difference in at least one line of the letter.  The English version claims the project will give “the Government of Quebec an extremely important financial margin.”  The French version says it will “apportant aussi aux gouvernement du Quebec and de l’Ontario une marge financiere forte importante…”

Ole man Pete thinks he has all the bases covered, including the legal aspect. He writes, “The international legal framework in force between Canada and the U.S. would prohibit the water diversion towards US, starting from basins bordering Canada.”  He is referring to the Great Lakes Water Compact which, like a sieve, cannot hold water.

He continues, “However, it seems it would not prohibit the bringing of additional exterior contributions or to use these same basins for the moving of these new external water contributions. The project would thus be apparently legal, as is, within the current legislative framework.”

He also wants to see the “amending of constitutive law of Hydro-Quebec to add from now on the sale of water to that of energy.”  He’d like to see Bechtel involved in his project.

Pete foresees a “possible dam in Montreal on the St.Lawrence River, suggested by the Authority of Le Havre of Montreal to prolong the basin of La Prairie [ten minutes from the Mohawk community of Kahnawake] to Sainte Helene Island, thus creating a vast nautical recreotouristical basin”.  The water would then flow back into the Great Lakes instead of flowing out to the Atlantic Ocean. How many Indigenous and mostly poor people would be flooded out along the way?

Pete’s original plan has the water redirected from three northern undeveloped rivers, the Bell, Waswanipi and Broadback flowing south into the Ottawa River through a series of canals.  Then it would be diverted to Lake Huron via the Nipissing River and Lake Nipissing.  His revised plan has it all going down the Ottawa to hit the dam at Montreal.  He plans 22 new dams and power stations with 1/2 of them along the Ottawa.

On July 15, 2009, the Montreal Economic Institute MEI published an editorial by Pete which was taken up by the National Post.  His latest synopsis, “Northern Waters: A realistic, sustainable and profitable plan to exploit Quebec’s blue gold” is available at the MEI web site.  It’s a special edition of their Economic Notes in English only.

Helene Desmarais, businesswoman and wife of Paul Desmarais Jr., is the chair of the institute.    The 13 directors include Marcel Boyer and Leon Courville, two economists with degrees from the US Carnegie Mellon University and Stephan Cretier, head of Garda World Security Corporation.

Garda has offices in major cities all across the land including at Val d’Or, Quebec.  Garda does armored transportation of currency and valuables, cash logistics, protection of persons and premises, physical security, consulting and investigations and electronic security solutions.  They guard mine sites, hydro and nuclear power stations, banks and VIP like Barack Obama.  They’re all set to take on guarding the water diversion.

For those who say it will never happen, there are precedents.  The St. Lawrence Seaway was first proposed in 1895 but not completed until 1959, over 60 years Grelater.    It made the St. Lawrence deeper so that ships could travel all the way to Thunder Bay on the western end of Lake Superior.  Grain, iron ore and coal are the main goods shipped along the Seaway.  About 6,500 people were relocated during its construction.  Many of them were Mohawks.  Thousands of acres of good farmland were flooded.

In his latest document, ole Pete Gingras figures the project will cost only $15billion, much less than Kierans Grand Canal scheme, estimated at $100 billion.  Pete thinks his plan can be completed by 2022.  They’re not in a big rush because the water crisis isn’t critical enough yet to be profitable. Xstrata, a Swiss company, needs til about 2013 to dig up all the copper and zinc they are mining near Matagami, Quebec.  Domtar also needs time to cut down all the rest of the trees that would otherwise be flooded.

The Grand Canal project would have seen James Bay turned into a lake.  Gingras’ revised plan intends to block the rivers upstream and create a basin stretching between Matagami and Mistissinni.  Val d’Or would be on the southwestern edge. Chibougamau and Waswanipi would be flooded.  These two towns with combined population of about 10,000 currently depend on tourism, fishing and logging to survive.  Since 1957, over 44 million tons of gold and silver have been mined out near Matagami.  The toxic tailings ponds they left behind will likely be flooded too.

Gingras’ plan is insane and destructive.

Firstly, what he calls “surplus” water is part of the natural cycle of spring floods, needed for many species’ survival.  This includes the traditional Cree people living off the land.  No one can forget the horrible picture of 10,000 drowned caribou who got stranded in previous diversions for hydro development. The huge protest movement against the James Bay development was overwhelmed by multinational corporate interests.

What does Gingras know about the spring runoff going into the sea where species depend on the natural level of salination?  His lunatic scheme could cause the ocean to become too salty.  Who can predict what awful consequences this could lead to?  Mother Earth has natural cycles that humans don’t understand.  Too much human interference on such a grand scale  could be disastrous!

Ole Gingras claims the flooded area or basin would not be very large and thus not harmful to the environment.  His basin looks as big as Lake Ontario itself. That sounds like a lot of water to us.  Artificially raising and lowering water levels would destroy fish spawning habitat and kill the fish.  Many Cree and Algonquins still depend on fishing for their food.

Pete says there would be no damage from mercury because the water wouldn’t sit for long.  What he forgets is there wouldn’t be any fish to be contaminated with mercury anyhow.

It’s uphill all the way to Amos in Algonquin territory.  This would require a lot of power to pump the estimated 25billion cubic meters of water to the top of the hill.

How does Pete figure all this water could then be sent down the Ottawa River without flooding and damage along the way?  Chalk River Laboratories is on the Ottawa River.  There’s a lot of nuclear waste stored there, some of it underground.  What would happen if there were a flood?  Annual spring flow varies from year to year, more so with climate change.

We condemn ole man Pete Gingras’ schemes as utter madness.  You know he’s a real sneak when he claims that “Quebec could export a large quantity of freshwater – without one drop having to leave the province”.  How does he figure that one?

If he didn’t have all that money behind him, his ideas could be quickly dismissed.  He keeps on trying to get the project going.  Water continues to be wasted and polluted by careless humans, causing a water shortage to grow.  The economic crisis means people desperate for work.  This demented and destructive plan must be stopped.


Consider printing and sharing this report with your cyberphobic family and friends.

# # #

Article originally distributed on the Eagle Watch listserv, open to new subscribers: eaglewatch@npogroups.org

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MNN.  July 5, 2009.  No Canadian or US government officials are talking to us.  The guards and workers in the two checkpoints in Akwesasne have abandoned their posts since June 1, 2009.  We can come and go off the island to the north.  We can go off to the south but can’t come back.  Our ancestors invoked some basic principles for us to use in such times.

The federally run prison on Alcatraz Island in San Franciso Bay had been abandoned in 1963.  In 1964 a small group of Lakota attempted to take the Island to invoke a principle in the 1868 Treaty of Laramie.  All surplus abandoned federal land automatically reverts to the Indigenous nations.

On November 20, 1969 Richard Oakes of Akwesasne lead Indigenous People onto  Alcatraz Island and held it until 1971.  It was to prove a basic point.  This event changed the relationship between Indigenous and the US government.  Up to then it was negotiation, compromise and legal remedies forced down our throats by the government.

The Alcatraz Proclamation was signed, “In the name of all Indians … we reclaim this island for our Indian Nations”.  Other abandoned federal facilities were reclaimed afterwards.

The US government knowing this principle was furious that the Indigenous would have the audacity to invoke it.  This act focused the entire world upon this basic law.  The US government was put on the spot.  It could no longer be hidden in the dusty archives of the Bureau of Indian Affairs basement.  In 1971 Richard Oakes was assassinated.

The Mohawks of Akwesasne have always asserted our rights for the world to know.  The current Cornwall Island event reveals the nature of the relationship between the Mohawks and the US and Canadian governments.  The Canadian government knows we can assert our rights over the abandoned buildings in the community, the highway and bridges that go through our sovereign land.

We can invoke the Great Law of Peace which all Indigenous people adhere to.  We are one people by covenant.

The checkpoints have been abandoned because we won’t let their guards carry guns.  We have not been violent in any way.

According to the principle, the abandoned US border checkpoint at Akwesasne irrevocably reverts to the Mohawk Nation.

The Canadian Twilight Zone check point in the middle of Kawenoke on Cornwall Island was abandoned and irrevocably reverts to the Mohawk Nation.

The two bridges and highways onto the island are closed/abandoned by the US and Canada.  They irrevocably revert to the Mohawk Nation.

The RCMP and other foreign police who patrol the foot of the bridge in the city of Cornwall are trespassers.  This is disputed Mohawk land.  They must leave.

None of these structures cannot be torn down because they now irrevocably belong to the Mohawk Nation.  You build anything on our land, it’s ours.

The US checkpoint and bridge are patrolled by US Border Security Field Operations and a Mohawk Policeman.  US Border Security is trespassing and must  leave.

We can traverse the whole community of Akwesasne as one entity without borders.  It was illegally divided by the US, Canadian and British governments into five jurisdictions – Ontario, Quebec, New York State, US and Canada.  They legislated two separate councils, tribal and band, to divide us with their imaginary boundary line.

The outsiders cannot establish the perimeter of our territory to limit us to small areas of our vast Haudenosaunee territory.  It is our right to decide who will cross the two bridges and enter our community and our territories.

The Mohawk elders and people made the initial demand for no guns in the hands of foreigners in our midst.  Both US and Canadian band and tribal councils stood together and made demands on behalf of the sovereign Mohawk people.

The  Akwesasne people took the initiative.  This is an Iroquois Confederacy issue.    It affects all Ongwehonwe, our friends and allies at the Canada- US and US-Mexico borders which were never meant for us.  The visitors cannot apply their line to us.

Rumors has it that US and Canada might build a new bridge several miles west of Akwesasne.  This is part of Haudenosaunee Territory.  They have to consult us and get our permission.  They think they stole this land outright.  No so!  Most people in the world know that Great Turtle Island is ours.  They cannot show any evidence that they’ve legally acquired any of our land.  International law was violated by the US and Canada when they made laws to claim our land and resources.

Arrangements to speak with us must be made through the Governor General and US President.  Mike Mitchell, the tribal and band councils do not speak for us.  Under the Great Law, they have don’t speak for the Iroquois Confederacy or Mohawk Nation.  Anything they decide is not valid because they represent the foreign US and Canadian jurisdictions.  Our people sit under the tent at the crossroads at Kawenoke and patiently wait for them to come and make valid and legal arrangements with us.

Kahentinetha MNN Mohawk Nation News, http://www.mohawknationnews.com kahentinetha2@yahoo.com Note:  Your financial help is needed and appreciated.  Please send your donations by check or money order to “MNN Mohawk Nation News”, Box 991, Kahnawake [Quebec, Canada] J0L 1B0.  Or go to PayPal on MNN website.  Nia:wen thank you very much.  Go to MNN “BORDER” category for more stories; New MNN Books Available now!  Purchase t-shirts, mugs and more at our CafePressStore http://www.cafepress.com/mohawknews; Subscribe to MNN for breaking news updates  http://.mohawknationnews.com/news/subscription.php; Sign Women Title Holders  petition! http://www.ipetitions.com/petition/Iroquois

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VIDEO – Ronathahonni Presents: Rekindling the Fire

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Anti-Canada Day Solidarity Statement with Akwesasne


July 1, 2009 – Montreal
To the members of the community of Akwesasne —
To all members of the Haudenosaunee —

We write to publicly express our respect, solidarity and support with the continued struggles for sovereignty and self-determination by Haudonausanee peoples.

In particular, we highlight our admiration for the courageous and ongoing community resistance to armed border agents at Kahwehnoke in Akwesasne. The Canada Border Services Agency (CBSA) is an occupier on Kanionke:haka lands, and we unequivocally support the demand of the people’s movement at Akwesasne to refuse the arming of any border agents. We also support the demand for free movement for all members of the Akwesasne community.

We understand the resistance at Akwesasne in the context of continued struggles for land and self-determination throughout the Iroquois Confederacy: from the ongoing Land Reclamation at Six Nations to the re-occupation of the Culbertson Tract at Tyendinaga; from the opposition to the Highway 30 expansion at Kahnawake to the restoration of the Confederacy Council.

Resistance to Canadian colonialism and neo-colonialism has meant attacks on Haudenosaunee people who refuse to submit to colonial rule. We have noted and learned from members of the Akwesasne community about Jake Ice who was killed by police agents in 1899. Recently, during the resistance at Akwesasne, the OPP attacked protesters on the Skyway Bridge at Tyendinaga, leaving members of that community bloodied, arrested and jailed.

We condemn all Canadian government, police and army attacks on Haudenosaunee peoples, including the continued criminalization of members of the Six Nations and Tyendinaga communities, where dozens still face charges and trials. The colonial Canadian courts and police cannot stand in judgment of the sovereign peoples of the Haudenosaunee, and all charges must be dropped.

No One Is Illegal-Montreal is a grassroots migrant justice, anti-colonial, no border group comprised of members from racialized and immigrant backgrounds. We are struggling for the self-determination of migrants and in support of the self-determination of Indigenous peoples. We are in active confrontation with a colonial system built on the dispossession and genocide of indigenous peoples, as well as racist anti-immigrant laws.

The CBSA, and the border they enforce, serve not only to divide Haudenosaunee peoples, and the community of Akwesasne, but also to enforce a racist immigration regime that deports and detains members of our communities. We struggle actively against those deportation and detentions, and against all borders and barriers to free movement.

This July 1, 2009, we join with others in a convergence on Akwesasne to show support for the Kanionke:haka peoples resistance against the CBSA. We also stand in opposition to the Canadian state and its policies and practices. We can think of no better way to spend our “Anti-Canada Day” than to stand in solidarity and to learn from you.

We continue to try to practice our own decolonization, rooted in the traditions and understanding of the Haudenosaunee – such as the two-row wampum treaty –and in a present and future where we can establish and re-establish relations based on values of mutual aid, solidarity and respect, in a common struggle against oppression.

In struggle and solidarity,
With respect,
No One Is Illegal-Montreal.


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Mohawk Nation News: Militias Formed to Attack Mohawks


MNN.  June 25, 2009.  The neo-nazi Caledonia Militia was formed in Cayuga Ontario on June 23rd  with insignias on their uniforms such as Northern Alliance and Rahowa [Racial Holy War].  Another was formed in Picton.  Civilians carrying out military actions against a designated race is a criminal offence.

Akwesasne has been isolated since June 1, 2009.  The US and Canada have blocked both bridges to Kawenoke, Cornwall Island.  We demanded no guns in our community.  This took the steam out of the fake propaganda designating us as militants to justify armed aggression against us.

To take away our civil rights, Canada’s Department of National Defense manual designated us as insurgents.  International Global Risk lists us as terrorists, along with Al Qaida, Tamil Tigers and the Taliban.  These are unfounded slurs against our valiant people.  During WW II we declared war against the Nazis on the steps of the Capitol.  Many of our men died defending democracy and Great Turtle Island.

Predator drones that prey on and attack enemy combatants are flying over us and our neighbors.  They are being launched from the Fort Drum US military base.  They fly three miles up under the civilian US Customs and Border Protection Agency.  These civilian and military agencies are under one command.

A major political agenda is being advanced, taking over northern Great Turtle Island to set up a dictatorship.

These two fascist civilian militias openly profess racism and violence against us.  They appear to have legal protection.  They are financed with lots of money, maybe by the multinationals.  They are well equipped with radios, high tech supplies and maybe weapons like pepper spray, tasers or other gadgets.
Half of the US presence In Iraq are private armies or mercenaries under no scrutiny like militias.  Former military or private security or independent mercenaries train them to attack unarmed civilians.

Storm troops play a key role in setting up totalitarian power.  The regular military is sent out of the country.  Mercenaries take over the homeland.  Small squads with subordinate groups are organized throughout the country.  They come together in large formations. They test experimental tactics and weapons.  Incognito mercenaries stand at the back of meetings to protect the militias.

Gary McHale and Doug Fleming, well-known neo-nazis, are setting up these militias in Ontario.  http://www.marchforfreedom.com  Politician, Randy Hillier, has a longtime connection with these Red Necks.  While aspiring to head the Ontario Conservatives, Hillier constantly calls for launching the army against the Indigenous and taking the law into his own hands.  No habeas corpus.  No civil rights for us.

US and Canada do not want to make it look like the cops are going after us.  Vigilantes do the dirty work.  They operate outside the law and create their own.  McHale and Fleming plan direct confrontations with us, to shut down our trade and commerce and use force to carry out illegal arrests.  Weapons, tasers and threats will be used.  We will be held until the cops or military arrive to take us to jail or holding units.  They will be trained to go to court to testify against us and get convictions.

Fascist moles seem to have wormed their way into the government, policing, military and the court and prison system.

Fascist right wing hit squads recruit from the unemployed, working class, local agitators, drunks, drug addicts, deadbeat dads, brawlers, KKK, skinheads, ex-police and ex-soldiers.  The court and prison systems provide them with gangsters and criminals.  They are especially interested in those who hate us and want to physically hurt us.  They’re losers who want to be winners.  To get around any bans, 14 to 18 year olds can attack people without being charged as adults.
Militias see themselves as the ground forces that create and attack scapegoats.  These goons hope to grow to thousands and maybe more.  They could outnumber the regular army and police forces.  They hope to become big shots in the big new order that will rule the world for a thousand years!  The politicians think they can control the militia and the mobs.  Eventually the psychopaths will step in like the SS that surrounded their messianic leader, Adolph Hitler.

To continue their bogus war on terror, the international war thugs have to destroy democracy where everyone is equal and has a voice.  Our constitution, the Great Law of Peace, is the model for the US Constitution.  The Two Row Wampum international relationship comes from our constitution.  We were the first nation to take the Great Law and we intend to uphold constitutional law.

We condemn these uprisings by these foreign interests who are violating the harmonious relationships we developed through treaties, agreements and negotiated covenants.  We refuse to be anyone’s victims.  We Indigenous People are one and we stand together!

Persons against militias:  905… 3903fnswg@gmail.com; and Lee Arden Lewis 613… c 613….

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