Mohawk Nation News: Militias Formed to Attack Mohawks


MNN.  June 25, 2009.  The neo-nazi Caledonia Militia was formed in Cayuga Ontario on June 23rd  with insignias on their uniforms such as Northern Alliance and Rahowa [Racial Holy War].  Another was formed in Picton.  Civilians carrying out military actions against a designated race is a criminal offence.

Akwesasne has been isolated since June 1, 2009.  The US and Canada have blocked both bridges to Kawenoke, Cornwall Island.  We demanded no guns in our community.  This took the steam out of the fake propaganda designating us as militants to justify armed aggression against us.

To take away our civil rights, Canada’s Department of National Defense manual designated us as insurgents.  International Global Risk lists us as terrorists, along with Al Qaida, Tamil Tigers and the Taliban.  These are unfounded slurs against our valiant people.  During WW II we declared war against the Nazis on the steps of the Capitol.  Many of our men died defending democracy and Great Turtle Island.

Predator drones that prey on and attack enemy combatants are flying over us and our neighbors.  They are being launched from the Fort Drum US military base.  They fly three miles up under the civilian US Customs and Border Protection Agency.  These civilian and military agencies are under one command.

A major political agenda is being advanced, taking over northern Great Turtle Island to set up a dictatorship.

These two fascist civilian militias openly profess racism and violence against us.  They appear to have legal protection.  They are financed with lots of money, maybe by the multinationals.  They are well equipped with radios, high tech supplies and maybe weapons like pepper spray, tasers or other gadgets.
Half of the US presence In Iraq are private armies or mercenaries under no scrutiny like militias.  Former military or private security or independent mercenaries train them to attack unarmed civilians.

Storm troops play a key role in setting up totalitarian power.  The regular military is sent out of the country.  Mercenaries take over the homeland.  Small squads with subordinate groups are organized throughout the country.  They come together in large formations. They test experimental tactics and weapons.  Incognito mercenaries stand at the back of meetings to protect the militias.

Gary McHale and Doug Fleming, well-known neo-nazis, are setting up these militias in Ontario.  Politician, Randy Hillier, has a longtime connection with these Red Necks.  While aspiring to head the Ontario Conservatives, Hillier constantly calls for launching the army against the Indigenous and taking the law into his own hands.  No habeas corpus.  No civil rights for us.

US and Canada do not want to make it look like the cops are going after us.  Vigilantes do the dirty work.  They operate outside the law and create their own.  McHale and Fleming plan direct confrontations with us, to shut down our trade and commerce and use force to carry out illegal arrests.  Weapons, tasers and threats will be used.  We will be held until the cops or military arrive to take us to jail or holding units.  They will be trained to go to court to testify against us and get convictions.

Fascist moles seem to have wormed their way into the government, policing, military and the court and prison system.

Fascist right wing hit squads recruit from the unemployed, working class, local agitators, drunks, drug addicts, deadbeat dads, brawlers, KKK, skinheads, ex-police and ex-soldiers.  The court and prison systems provide them with gangsters and criminals.  They are especially interested in those who hate us and want to physically hurt us.  They’re losers who want to be winners.  To get around any bans, 14 to 18 year olds can attack people without being charged as adults.
Militias see themselves as the ground forces that create and attack scapegoats.  These goons hope to grow to thousands and maybe more.  They could outnumber the regular army and police forces.  They hope to become big shots in the big new order that will rule the world for a thousand years!  The politicians think they can control the militia and the mobs.  Eventually the psychopaths will step in like the SS that surrounded their messianic leader, Adolph Hitler.

To continue their bogus war on terror, the international war thugs have to destroy democracy where everyone is equal and has a voice.  Our constitution, the Great Law of Peace, is the model for the US Constitution.  The Two Row Wampum international relationship comes from our constitution.  We were the first nation to take the Great Law and we intend to uphold constitutional law.

We condemn these uprisings by these foreign interests who are violating the harmonious relationships we developed through treaties, agreements and negotiated covenants.  We refuse to be anyone’s victims.  We Indigenous People are one and we stand together!

Persons against militias:  905…; and Lee Arden Lewis 613… c 613….

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Supporters of Mohawks:  MPs Jean Crowder, Indian Affairs critic ; Anita Neville ; Marc Lemay ; Sen. Gerry St. Germain;

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One response to “Mohawk Nation News: Militias Formed to Attack Mohawks

  1. Glenn Danzig

    This is the Stupidest thing I have ever read. Worse than shit posted in Tabloids. Everything on this website is “rightwing fascist” bullshit created in favor of the 6 nations people. If you wanna compare anyone to the foot soldiers of Nazi Germany, just take a look in the mirror. “We the people will not let any other race on our land. It is our land.” “we want total control of our land!” . All of this sounds familiar. If you want to be a national socialist country of your own, thats fine. You can become a fully soverign or seperatist nation… but that means no more government funding/ hand outs, and crossing our borders will be scrutinizing. The Warriors are most definitely a terrorist group, they spread anti-white propaganda and make hate music too. They use fear as a tactic of keeping every non compliant indigenous person in line. This whole closing bridge scheme is ridiculous. Anyone with a brain can see that this is not fear of change or safety. It’s that certain individuals don’t want “white boy” on their turf with guns. Namely because of all the illegal activities that happen there. Akwesasne is a drug Mecca of Canada/US, a place with nil to no borders. Finally, we have a temporary solution to the bridge issue, the border control has been relocated on to “Canadian” land. It may not be convenient for Native peoples, but you made your own bed so….

    Please stop crying about your lack of civil rights and liberties this is the 21st century.You have more rights than Canadian citizens. Your kids have free post secondary education funded by “our” government. Free health care! If you don’t wanna live there than leave “we white people” are not holding you against your will. You carry on this “pain body” from the days of Cowboys and Indians, fucking let it go already. Please stop throwing around political terminologies that you don’t understand to scare people into thinking the Canadian government is a boogie man.

    This is a public service announcement from every hard working blue collar Canadian citizen, who has never voiced their opinion.

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